Kellerkommando – Maus

A few days ago I was listening to the Radio Göthe podcast and the show had an interview with the band Kellerkommando. I found the band and their music interesting, fun and upbeat. I also like the fact that they are taking traditional songs and putting a modern spin on them including singing in Fraconian. So why not share this wonderful music with my fine readers? After all not everything from Germany is AGM.

FYI, the video I’ve linked might be considered unsafe for work if you’re workplace is pretty uptight.

Warren Sessions #17 – Curtis Eller – After The Soil Fails

In honor of going to see Curtis Eller tonight at SteamCon. If you get a chance you should catch him playing live. Mr. Eller puts on a high energy show and sings some great songs inspired by American culture and history. I’ve learned that when he asks if you want a beautiful or an ugly song, always vote for the ugly one. They are not ugly at all and mostly hauntingly beautiful, though the topic isn’t always a happy one.