Wow, long time no write. I’m sorry but as happens life got in the way. My life is significantly different than it was when I started this blog. After some thought and discussion with some of my closest friends I’ve decided to give this another go. After all, I’m still traveling and listening to music.

If you are new you can read about my goals on the first post. In short, I’m going to write about my travels and music. Though I don’t promise to keep to just those subjects. Like everyone else I know I have many interests and I can’t keep them all contained into separate silos.

Another big reason I’m restarting my blog is that I’ve just returned home from the Rites of Spring festival. RoSfest, as it’s commonly called, is three days of music. It is held on the first weekend of May at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The festival is always an amazing combination of music, friends and fun. Our tribe comes together once a year to celebrate life, catch up with each other and enjoy some damn fine music. I will be posting a RoSfest retrospective later.

So welcome back!

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Just a guy from Seattle who has decided to follow his joy and travel the world to hear great music.

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