Anoraknophobia and Marbles

Marillion has announced that the two albums they will highlight for Marillion Weekend 2015 are Anoraknophobia on Friday night and Marbles on Saturday night. I was hoping to get some quality listening time for both of them in the next few days. Sadly I moved last January and I seem to have packed both of them in a box that I have yet to unpack. I hope I can find some copies in my digital library tonight but that’s another thing that is in pieces while I reorganize from a HD crash. (Save early, save often folks!)

While going through my packing list I went browsing for some lists that other people have posted online. I was amused that almost every list included an alarm clock. Has no one updated their list since the 90s? Sure, it used to be a good idea but these days I’ll just use my phone. After all, if I lose my phone I have much larger problems than oversleeping.

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